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About Our Company

Aswaq Online app is an online shopping marketplace between your hands. Millions of people from all around the world have found all their needs through our exquisite stores. Many of you have already fallen in love with our app concept, and here’s why: 
Our customers have every access to all our special products with incredible prices. Where you buy directly from the store seller located anywhere in the word.
Our stores can’t be found anywhere else because they are defined by their special products such as fashionable items to personalized ones.
Among our very large of product selection you can get anything you want from clothing, bags & shoes, accessories, art work etc... 
We make you fall in love with us because we will deliver to you as fast as we can, we also ship worldwide. That’s why whenever, whatever or wherever you are, search and buy everything you need and don’t worry about anything else WE GOT YOU!
As well, Aswaq Online offers you special daily deals with great offers. 
Our app is designed in a way that you can shop easily and fast for anything you need. With our special categories list, you will find everything you need safely:

- Shop by your favorite stores.

- Shop by your favorite categories.

- Fastest searching program and filter.

- You can create your special wish list. 

- Secured online payment gateway.

- Cash on delivery payment is also available.

- You can use our special currencies.

- You can share products with all your friends on any social media app. 

- You can track your orders. 

- You can buy customized products.

- We support small businesses from all around the world.

- You can become a vendor with us any time you want by simply just contacting us.

- Your app information is protected with us.

- We have 24 hours support team to help you with anything you need.