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Women's Care

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Antiperspirant ( especially in the armpits) provides excellent protection against odor and sweat.
Large size. Rose smell.
Large size. Oud smell.
Large size. Laurel smell.
Large size. Ocean blue smell.
For body and sensitive area. It disinfects wounds and prevents itching. Used to get rid of bacteria and fungi in…
100% organic made in Lebanon. Large size, Heart shape just for you ( love yourself). It gives volume to the…
100% organic made in Lebanon from honey, coconut oil and vitamin E.
For all type of skin absorb impurities deep clean gently exfoliates and works to remove oils and dirt.
It is used for oily skin to extract the oil and restore the pH to its normal level it cleanses…
Used for oily skin, treat acne fights skin disease, slow down hair growth in the face area.
Gives the skin a natural freshness, moisturize and protect, fights wrinkles, eliminates dark spots and works to lighten the skin.